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Braemore appreciates the importance of building sustainable properties and their sensitive approach to the environments and communities in which they build has secured the company a dedicated fan-base of shrewd investors with a conscience. The company believes that business can be both profitable and responsible. By embracing honesty, ethics and transparency in all its dealings, Braemore is able to maintain a high level of transparency for its investors.


Braemore understands that its business, operations, developments and services effect the world's eco-systems and natural resources, either directly or indirectly. By accepting and embracing the environmental agenda, Braemore hopes to become an industry leader for environmental innovation within the property development market - both in the UK and overseas.

It has to be said that this is only the starting point and Braemore's commitment to the environment is a journey not a destination. We understand that there will always be limits to the extent that any company can spread its commitment to the environment and corporate responsibility agendas. Our commitment will be delivered in-line with our economic performance, not at the expense of it.

We aim to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development by encouraging and rewarding leadership by our staff, teams and suppliers; inviting them to concentrate on providing creative and achievable solutions to the environmental issues we face today. By aligning our focus on the environment to the systems, values and management practices of the company, we can ensure we really do make a difference to the environment, marketplaces and communities we operate and build in.